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Natural Hair

5 Tips for Winter Hair Survival

Brooke Slade

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! For everything but my hair. Now, I can say that relocating to LA has helped me fight the winter hair woes, but, I still experience an increased amount of dryness (scalp and ends—eek!) from December to February. 

During the winter, the air is dryer and cooler and, because of this, it’s easy for hair to lose moisture and become prone to breakage and shedding. I have spent many winters pulling handfuls of hair from the shower drain and my brushes. So, how do we fix this? Luckily, there are many ways to help our hair survive even the coldest winters. 

5 Tips for Winter Hair Survival

  1. Hydrate inside and out. From the nutritionist POV it only makes sense that the first step toward hydrated hair is a hydrated body. Our hair thrives using the nutrients and water that we consume. According to LA Celebrity Hairstylist Keira Ashley, many people who are suffering from hair loss or decreased hair health are usually not drinking enough water. In addition to hydrating from the inside out, hair can be hydrated directly by use of humectant and moisture-infusing hair products like LA Naturals Double Creme Moisture Mask.

  2. Protect your hair. This one sounds simple, and it is. Protect your hair from the elements by sealing your hair with sealing & protecting products like LA Naturals Shine & Refresh Spray with coconut oil and aloe vera. If you live in a cold and windy climate, be sure to protect your scalp and tresses with hats or scarves. 

  3. Deep condition. And then deep condition some more. Help your hair gain the strength it needs to fight off the damage of winter winds while also moisturizing. I deep condition my hair once per week for at least 20 minutes.

  4. Steam. Help your hair retain moisture by treating it to a little steam. Steam lifts the hair cuticle and allows your treatments to penetrate deeply. If you don’t have a proper steamer, you can create a DIY steam treatment at home during a hot shower or bath. For added hydration, coat your hair in your favorite deep conditioner or oil during the steam treatment. 

  5. Vitamins. This time of year, its great to add health-boosting vitamins and supplements like collagen and vitamin E to your diet. Not only will your body thank you for all of the added health benefits, but your hair may begin to show (shiny, strong) results in about 3 weeks to one months of use.

Winter Haircare ft. LA Naturals

In my latest video, I share my winter haircare routine (for dry, brittle, winter-worn hair) using LA Naturals’ (insanely hydrating and moisturizing) Manuka Honey line. 

Wash Day Hair Routine

Brooke Slade

Wash day. I must say, it's not my favorite day of the week because the process can take a long time and, many times, I don't end up with "just left the salon" results. 

I have been working at perfecting my natural curls for about 5 years now, and its only recently that I've found my groove (wash day routine, deep conditioning frequently, oil massaging, wrapping at night).

A good wash day can set me up for 3-5 days of bouncy, frizz-free hair, if done right. 

In this video, I'm sharing a simple wash day routine. This routine is what I'll do if I plan to wash & go, or let my hair be relatively "free" (no major styling or "lewks" for a few days). 

VIDEO | Wash Day Hair Routine 

Have any questions, comments or wash-day tips you'd like to share? Comment below, I'd love to hear from you!



Natural Hair: Style-Prep Curl Refresh

Brooke Slade

Unlike many curlies out there, my hair does not do well overnight. I've tried satin caps, satin pillow cases, scarves, pineapples....everything.

After years (yes years) of trying to figure out what was "wrong" with my hair, I just stopped. I accepted the fact that my curls do not hold their shape overnight. So, every morning, I wake up with flat, fluffy, wavy hair. On days when I'm not doing much, this is just fine, but, when I wan't a cute or fun style, I go for this simple hair routine. Using water, a few products and my diffuser, I bring my curls back to life and ready them for styling. This routine is my go-to for refreshing curls as needed, between wash days.