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Lifestyle website of Professional Model and Nutritionist, Brooke Slade. 

Self Care with Brooke

Self-care, to me, is the single most important practice in life. You have to show up for yourself, first, before you are able to show up for anything or anyone else. Here, I explore self-care methods, practices and share ways to incorporate more self-care to everyday life.

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Personal Inventory: Consider Yourself, Check Your Standards

Brooke Slade

Photo by Larie Taylor

Photo by Larie Taylor

It’s the the beginning of the year and it seems that everyone is going hard at their 2019 goals, myself included. With all of the promises a new year brings, it’s hard not to want to work on everything, all of the time and work my absolute hardest. However, after “going hard” (day after day, for the first 10 days of the month), I found that although my productivity was off the charts, my ability to relax, let go of my internal to-do list and allow myself to unwind became difficult.

I found myself making checklists in my head during yoga classes, on my phone setting reminders during “Netflix & chill” time with my partner, falling asleep feeling like I’d forgotten something and waking up with my brain buzzing with tasks. I was happy that my to-do list was shrinking and I was making such good progress with my business BUT I felt overworked and anxious—something needed to change ASAP.

So, I took a moment to sit down and check-in with myself. I wrote down my feelings, as you know, I’m a big fan of “writing it out”. I revisited a self-care & work-life balance post of my own, in hopes to re-discover anything helpful that I may have forgotten along the way.

After some thinking, I felt that I could solve all of this by answering one question: How can I create and maintain my CALM while also keeping up with my own standards of productivity? The moment I asked myself this, I laughed, because the answer made itself clear within the question: MY OWN STANDARDS. The standards, goals, deadlines and “to-do” lists were all MINE. I was the author of this story, so, I had the power to change it.

I know I’m not alone here, how many times have you done this? You find yourself in a heaping pile of tasks and deadlines that must be done “a particular way” by a certain time…and it’s all because you created this standard of productivity for yourself. I’ll never forget, my partner once told me “You can’t produce at your highest level all of the time, because you create this expectation (of yourself). People will expect you to deliver your best work in a short amount of time, always, and that’s just not sustainable”. He was right. Working this way is NOT sustainable, whether you work at home, remotely or in-office; you’ve got to create some realistic boundaries and standards for your lifestyle, emotional wellness and health.

So, now, knowing that I was the author, how did I change my story?

  1. I checked my standards. I considered myself. I let go and chose to be kind to myself. Once I understood that I was the one putting the pressure on myself, I simply stopped. You’d be amazed at how different hard or complicated tasks can be when you choose to take the pressure off. Whether you yell at yourself (in your head) -OR- practice self-compassion and patience throughout the process— the project will still be completed (but you’ll feel a lot better if you choose the latter).

  2. I prioritized my self-care over everything else. Revisiting my post “Keeping Sane & Self-Cared-Up While Working” can show you how to make tiny choices throughout the work-day that can improve your well-being.

  3. I lessened my screen time. For me, if it’s there, I’m going to look at it. So, during “Netflix & Chill”, before bed and during down-time, I chose to put my phone in another room or some place less accessible. The emails and social media will be there, take the time you need.

Doing these 3 things, consistently has helped. I’ve noticed that I am still just as productive but my stress levels are lower. I don’t feel anxious about work and I’m okay with “missing out” on a few hours of social media and emails—my me time is absolutely worth more.

Have you been here before? How did you find your way back?

Purpose Journey: Committing Yourself to YOU

Brooke Slade

This post feels more like a journal entry than anything else. Lately I've been thinking a lot about my personal contribution to the world and what that looks like. I've found myself confused on this purpose-journey a few times.

I've looked for validation based on what I assumed others thought of me. I've pursued opportunities grounded in what others "thought I would be good at". I've fallen for the occasional parental-guilt-trip and sought "more structured and reliable" opportunities in hopes that it would please my parents, family and others I look up to. Each time, after searching, seeking and chasing, I would come back feeling empty and distracted. And, each time, after reflecting on the hell I put myself through during this process, I knew all of this was happening because of a few things...

1. I was looking for acceptance, validation and happiness outside of myself.

2. I was asking my profession, abilities and contribution to fill-in the holes in my self-worth.

3. I was looking to make Brooke be okay with Brooke, by focusing on things outside of Brooke.

Rather than looking inside of myself and addressing the reasons I don't feel adequate, in the first place, I often attempt to ADD things to myself and/or HIGHLIGHT things about myself to fill in the holes. Do you ever do this? I think we all feel inadequate occasionally.

We all question ourselves, our direction, our purpose...and that's okay. Don't feel bad, it's often a result of our egos "coming to the rescue". Telling us that the more we're attached to amazing, shiny things the more we're loved, valued and important. Our egos couldn't be more wrong. I think that's my point here. We often search to please our egos (and the egos and opinions of others) by finding things or people "of importance" to attach ourselves to.

Let's stop today and commit ourselves to OURSELVES. What do I mean by this? Committing ourselves to nourishing and caring for our true selves. The person that we know behind closed doors, away from social media and apart from all of the outside roles, responsibilities and attachments.

Let's commit ourselves to loving ourselves deeply. We can start by reminding ourselves, when we feel "less than" that we are actually "more than"; more than our titles, peoples opinions and especially our own negative self-talk.

Here are a few of the resources that I keep close for moments of self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy:


Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst 

Judgment Detox by Gabby Bernstein

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz


Well + Good

Ritual Care


If you have something to share on this topic, don't be shy, comment below. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

XO, Brooke

Busy Life? Self-Care On the Go

Brooke Slade

Taking time for myself between work and travel.

Taking time for myself between work and travel.

I'm sure you've heard, on more than one occasion, that modeling is a lot less glamorous than it seems. Sure, the "Lights, camera, action!" portion can be very glam, but thats just a small part of what we do.

The majority of any model's career are all of the things we do to be prepared for and make it to the lights-camera-action days. As a model, any given day's schedule can look something like: gym, audition, facial, casting, fitting, 4-hour shoot, meeting, airport.

Operating day after day with a jam-packed schedule leaves little room for rest and personal time. Needless to say, it can be difficult to regularly practice self-care rituals. It's because of this that I began to fuse my self-care rituals into my days. Although I am not getting the 1-2 hours of uninterrupted "woo-sah time" I'd prefer, I am still able to get the centering, calming self-lovin' I need to make it through any stressful or high-activity day. 

I think its fair to say that we all, regardless of job type or lifestyle, could use a little more self-care throughout our days. Here are a few ways I stay "self-cared up" on-the-go.

Everything that I use fits, very conveniently, into a small pouch. This way, I can just toss my pouch into whichever bag I'm carrying and I'm on my way.

Everything that I use fits, very conveniently, into a small pouch. This way, I can just toss my pouch into whichever bag I'm carrying and I'm on my way.

Aromatherapy Aromatherapy is a key component in my self-care practice. Just a whiff of the right scent and I am transported to a calmer, more centered state of mind. In my pouch, I carry a mini essential oil spray as well as a mini scent oil roller. I use the spray to enhance the atmosphere, wherever I am--yes, that includes planes, trains and automobiles. I use my oil roller on my pressure points whenever I need a moment of calm or stress relief. 

Breathing The next time you are in a stressful or heavy situation, I want you to do something: pay attention to your breathing. I'll bet you're not taking deep breaths. On-the-go, I use my oil spray and roller to assist me in deep breathing exercises. You don't need a lot of time or space to practice deeper, more satisfying breathing. Step away from whatever you're doing, maybe to a restroom or a hallway, spray or roll on essential oils and deeply inhale the scent in the air or on your skin for 10 deep breaths.This is one of my favorite calming & reenergizing practices.

Writing Release Along with my pouch of "goodies", I also carry a journal (and lots of fun-colored markers). I have several journals for different purposes. The one I carry with me during work days or travel is where I write out my feelings throughout the day if need be. Journaling is a great way to release tension and discuss, with yourself, ways to improve your day(s). For me, journaling on-the-go is a great way to process through all of the "stuff" of my day without having to bring any of it home (hopefully).

Food & Drink Choices I like to think of nutrition as a form of self-care. What we put in our bodies either works for or against us. That's why I try to make the healthiest possible food choices when I am traveling or on-set for work. I know, it can sometimes be a difficult task because healthy choices can be scarce and expensive. To supplement the options available, I always carry Vitamin C packets and nutrient packed food bars (not pictured). 

Affirmations I try to affirm myself as often as possible throughout any given day. Self-affirmation is free and you can take it anywhere!