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Self Care Spotlight Series

The Science of Self-Care | HSP & Self-Care with Katy Kern

Brooke Slade

Hi friends! In addition to this week’s Instagram Live video with Katy Kern (massage therapist, self-care coach & yogi), I wanted to spotlight a recent piece of her work that stood out to me: Self -Care and HSP (Highly Sensitive People/Person).

We talk about self-care often on my blog and social media platforms, and, I wanted to take the talk a step further— to look at the science behind self-care and how self-care varies with personal needs, personality type, lifestyle, etc. In this video, Katy touches on Self-Care & HSP or self-care for the highly sensitive person. I felt it was important to share this story because, as we are becoming more aware of the ways in which our mind & body need to be cared for, we are also learning, based on our mental wellness, stress levels and biological makeup that “not everything works for everybody”.

In this video, Katy explains what it means to be an HSP, how to identify possible HSP qualities within yourself and how to care for yourself as an HSP or a person who leans toward to sensitive side every once in a while (I know I do).

I hope you enjoy this share! Please comment, like and visit Katy to learn more about her work!

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HSP and Self Care

by Katy Kern, LMT, RYT

It's a new year which means new things are happening and some changes are coming.

I've spent the last four years learning, developing, and implementing daily routines that have helped me live a very fulfilling and balanced life. With this knowledge and the education I've received, I created my practice so I can help others achieve routines of self-care that work for them be it massage, yoga or lessons in self-care.

Change can be hard even if it is something that will help. I know this because I avoided change for many, many years, and that did not serve me well which is how I ended up with an anxiety disorder that took me a long time to overcome. However, once I started slowly, keyword here, adding small increments of change instead of huge chunks, trying several styles and exploring what worked and what didn't, the right self-care routines made a radical change in my life.

And my thirst for knowledge on what can help others never ends.

Last fall I discovered something that completely blew my mind as I was researching anxiety and a category of people I serve who have a high percentage of anxiety disorders. So that led me to delve deep into this topic which I discuss in my first video below. Enjoy!