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Do Nothing: The Ultimate Skin Detox

Brooke Slade


When it comes to detoxing, there are so many products and processes that we’ve come to rely on in order to “detox” our bodies. But, would you be surprised if I told you that your body already knows how to clean itself? Surprise! The human body, and each of its many parts, has a way of self-cleansing.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the products and processes we rely on do help, but maybe not in the ways that we think. Your hot lemon water, herbal treatments and other methods are actually encouraging and aiding your body’s natural detoxifying process. Detoxifying foods, supplements and herbs are there to make sure that we are detoxing, optimally. Because, to be frank, we live in a polluted, toxin-filled world so, our bodies may need a little more help than those of our ancestors. Got it?

Now, onto the “do nothing detox”. I stumbled into this process after, yet another, stubborn skin freak-out— ON MY BIRTHDAY. Major first world problem, yes?

I woke up to two painful pimples in the center of my forehead. The feeling of “UGH.” washed over my body. I know, so dramatic. But it was then that I thought, “I’m tired, I need a break. My skin needs a break.”

So, I decided I would do nothing with my skin for a few days. No skincare routine, no makeup—nothing. I would, however, give my skin what it needs: rest and nourishment. For 4 days, I hydrated, ate well, allowed my skin to rest and nourished my skin (on the outside) once per day, using only rose hip oil and water (rinsing).

Untitled design (2).png

I noticed my skin change in just a couple of days. My pimples began to heal, I watched inflamed, irritated skin begin to calm. My skin was self-healing and detoxing. Another day or so later, my skin was brighter, moisturized and it just felt good.

This experience led me to switch up my skincare routine: moving forward, I would detox my skin (or allow my skin to rest), once per month, for about 3-4 days. This was only last month, so I have yet to make it to my second round of skin rest and detox, but, based on the results of the first time, I am excited to try it again.

Do you detox your skin? Any thoughts or questions about skincare? Share your experience in the comments below!

Skincare Anywhere

Brooke Slade

As someone who is constantly “on the go” for work and travel, I find it super important to practice a skincare routine that lends itself to a busy lifestyle.

In the past, I’ve suffered many skin issues because of my lack of care for my skin. I would, sometimes, leave makeup on after photo shoots, fall asleep with makeup on after late nights and hardly bothered with sunscreens, serums or being intentional about drinking enough water. I thought that all I needed was a good cleanser, moisturizer and occasional scrub. Needless to say, I was wrong.

So, what caused me to make a change?

  1. I had a crazy skin-scare (a facial bacterial infection caused by an on-set MUA’s unsanitary makeup tools).

  2. I began to get older and noticed my skin no longer had that youthful “bounce-back”.

I decided to not only clean up my regular skincare routine but also figure out small ways to care for my skin when away from the comforts of home (and all of my skincare tools and products).

Now that I've “figured it all out” (for me, I think.) I’d like to share with you my top 3 “skincare anywhere” tips.


Hydrate, inside and out. This is something that can be done anywhere. For “inside” hydration, I try to drink 64oz of water each day. I keep a 32oz water bottle with me and refill when I need. In addition to being great for my skin, I’ve also noticed that drinking 8+ ounces of water immediately after my coffee keeps me from crashing. For outside hydration, I use a moisturizer each time I cleanse and a hydrating spray throughout the day. Hydrating sprays are something that I use anytime, on clean skin, under makeup or over makeup. My favorites are Mario Badescu Aloe & Rose Water Spray and Evian Mineral Water Facial Spray. I can say that I noticed a significant change in the texture and brightness of my skin once I began to pay attention to its hydration.

Remove makeup, period. I totally used to be that girl who relied on the resilience of young skin. If it was too late and I didn’t feel like it, I would fall asleep in my makeup as many nights a week as I wanted to. I knew my skin would bounce back. Now? That’s a major “HELL NAW.” As I’ve aged, I’ve noticed how makeup can take a toll on my skin throughout the day. For me, the longer I have makeup on my face the more my skin produces oil and becomes irritated. Now, I no longer leave on makeup any longer than I need to. I remove makeup immediately after photo shoots or at the end of a day's wear. My current fave for makeup removal on-the-go is Skin Laundry Purifying Cleansing Cloths, they’re like a facial in a packet.

Feed your face. I never used to think of my skin as an organ, although I knew it was. As with any major organ, our skin needs the proper nourishment to thrive (duh!). I took my skin-care up a notch by adding skin-feeding vitamins like A, C, D and E to my daily regimen. I get my vitamins on-the-go by packing a few gummies like Smarty Pants Gummy Vitamins or opting for vitamin rich juices like carrot juice instead of sweet drinks throughout the day. In addition to adding these vitamins to my diet, I also apply vitamins directly to my skin via vitamin capsules and vitamin serums. My current topical vitamin fave: Aria Starr Vitamin C Serum.

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I want to know how you take care of your skin. What are your go-to tips for healthy skin? Are there any products or natural remedies that you're in love with right now? Leave a comment or message me!